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Why mortgage brokers should be using video marketing

March 1st, 2021

Video marketing isn’t a type of marketing campaign like social media marketing or email marketing. Rather, it is a tool that different marketing campaigns can utilise. For example, you could use videos within your social media advertisements, start a company YouTube channel or shoot off videos within your monthly newsletter.

Videos may include office tours to build consumer trust and open the door to your potential clients. Or they could explain services without leads having to read a block of text, thus increasing engagement. Or they could be made for many other purposes.

Your video's message and its purpose will differ depending on where they are being used and what for.  

Does video content make a difference?

Thanks to improving smartphones, we live in a world of video. Now that we can watch videos seamlessly on mobile devices without lags, marketing has taken a new turn. In fact, more video content is uploaded to YouTube in a single month than has been created by network television in the last 30 years.

Humans have become video consumers on a daily basis, which is why it is so useful as a method to attract new clients and build a brand identity.

Video content has been proven to offer 52% increased ROI simply because it engages the market more easily. Why would your clients read paragraphs about your service followed by terms and conditions if they could access the same information effortlessly in a two-minute video? Even 22% of small businesses state they will use videos in the next year.

Why mortgage advisers should also be using videos

Those in the financial services industry typically lag behind in these trends. We often hear from mortgage brokers that they don’t need a website because most of their business is through word of mouth - and the same arguments are applied when video marketing gets a mention.

But just as mortgage brokers should have their own website, even if it a simple brochure style site, they should also be using videos.

Here’s why:

  1. Financial services are some of the most complex and complicated services anyone will opt in to. Using videos will make these services easier to understand and maintain the interest of potential clients
  2. Many mortgage advice businesses don’t use videos on their websites and product pages. This should be seen as an opportunity to snatch some of the market away from competitors
  3. Potential clients will not choose your services impulsively. Due to the serious nature of mortgage services, clients are likely to take their time and consider their options for weeks, if not months, and consider many of your competitors too. An engaging video can help you stay in their mind and on their shortlist even if they look at lots of providers
  4. Mortgage advice leads to huge purchases, and arguably the biggest someone will ever make in their lifetime. Thus, they need clarity and to trust their mortgage adviser. And what better way to bring them that than putting faces and voices to a logo or website page?
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