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Social Media

It seems as though social media is everywhere you look, doesn’t it? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – the list just keeps growing.

The thing is, it really is everywhere and it shows no signs of going anywhere. For businesses, there is no doubt that social media spells opportunity. By giving relevant information to anyone who may have an interest in your products, services or indeed, industry – by way of topical news, company stories, statistics, humour, for example – you can easily attract favourable attention and subsequently, more business.

We believe that in order to get the most from your social networking, you need to identify what you want to achieve. We need to get to a place where we know what changes you need to make in order to achieve the change in results you require.

Our team of social media experts can give you guidance and recommendations to help you get the most from your social networking endeavours; or they can take care of your entire social media marketing strategy.


Management Services

WEBPRO Mortgage have the resources to take care of all your social media management needs. When putting together a social media marketing strategy, we start by identifying who it is you need to target; this brings us on to which platforms are going to be the most suitable. We then consider when to post or message. Whilst we are aware of the general consensus around the best times to share content, we look more specifically at who you are aiming to connect with and the media you are using. We schedule posts and are careful to measure their success, making changes to the schedule if we feel it’s necessary. We then look at how to effectively promote your business.

Social media costing you precious time? No worries. Maximise your opportunities in a fraction of the time with WEBPRO Mortgage.

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As I have previously said in earlier correspondence, the directors here at Ellaby Pollard want to pass on our thanks and appreciation to all of those involved in getting us to this point.

Nick and Zin have had a good working relationship and we feel that the outcome achieved is precisely what we anticipated and hoped for.

Well done!!

Andrew Barr
Ellaby Pollard Ltd


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