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SSL Certificate

Have you heard of SSL certificates yet unsure as to what they are and whether you need one for your mortgage broker website?

It is a scenario many have faced – you have a brand-new site and you’re ready to go out there, build up momentum and gain yourself some new mortgage services clients. Though, while browsing, you’ve noticed information on something called an SSL certificate and now aren’t sure if this is something you need. Has this happened to you? Feeling confused? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Google ranking implications

Where you appear on Google’s search results has a major impact on your mortgage adviser website’s visibility and traffic, which will naturally influence your sales accordingly. Of course, the higher your site features in the rankings, the more favourable the effect on your business.

This is the important part: Google favours sites with SSL certificates as they are regarded as more ‘legitimate’, trustworthy sites. And this, in turn, results in better ranking on its search engine.

Having an SSL certificate implemented on your mortgage broker website further cements your credibility and sets you apart from sites – and therefore, your competitors – who don’t have one.

For remarkable security that you can trust, call WEBPRO Mortgage today.

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Thanks to your efforts we have a hugely professional site with lots of bespoke features at a quarter of the price of some other less attractive template sites. I would recommend you to all our IFA colleagues but frankly we don't want this level of competition!! Once again many thanks for your time and effort.

Tom Oppenheim - Director
5 Point Financial Planning Ltd


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