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Mortgage brokers can supercharge lead generation (with their website!)

Mortgage brokers can supercharge lead generation (with their website!)

September 1st, 2021

Top up your sales funnel through your website with these tricks!

Owning a business website is essential to drum up interest in your mortgage services and get your brand known. Forget the myth that mortgage service providers don’t need a website. It’s a modern approach that removes the burden of relying on word-of-mouth referrals only. Think of it as a way of diversifying your lead generation and protecting your business.

But, if you’re going to take the big step of having a flashy new website designed, why wouldn’t you take a couple of smaller steps to make it more effective? A website can be a fantastic platform to attract new clients.

Here are some tricks to enhance your site’s lead generation further.

1. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a broad term used to refer to different ways of improving your website’s search engine ranking. Through a range of techniques and strategies, SEO experts can make your site appear higher up the charts and get more visitors, increasing lead generation. You might want to start with an SEO audit to remove fundamental mistakes and get the basics right.

The WEBPRO Mortgage team keep your site’s SEO in mind during development which certainly helps, but we offer additional services to really push things forwards!

2. A blog

Blogs are great because they present an opportunity for your business to show off its expertise and value. They’re an effective way to help readers realise how they can benefit from your services and then encourage them to ask questions or get a quote, ultimately increasing the number of enquiries into specific services.

When your blog content is created in line with SEO principles, you can increase readership over time and subsequently increase the chances of more people contacting you!

3. Videos

We’re video consumers. Humans love watching videos because it’s a much easier and more convenient way to access information.

When discussing mortgage services - that are often complex - explainer videos are a great way to increase lead generation. Instead of site visitors getting confused or discouraged by a wall of text, using video can encourage them to engage with your content, keeping them on your website longer and thus, increasing the potential for a site visitor to make an inquiry. Online tools like financial calculators can help in a similar way too.

4. Not enough CTAs

A Call to Action, also known as a CTA, is a short message that encourages site visitors to contact you. The best CTAs stir up emotion rapidly and ask the reader to make contact.

They can be difficult to create because they need to do a lot and be convincing in very few words. You might want to use a copywriter to create the right tone for your CTAs. And don’t hold back on them either. Most websites don’t use enough CTAs. Using at least one on each of your webpages and blogs is recommended.

5. Website speed

One. Two. Three. That’s how long the average website visitor will wait for your page to load before looking at your competitor’s website. Ensure your website is operating quickly to decrease the bounce rate and improve the potential to collect warm leads.

If your site is underperforming, always reach out to your developer. There might be a quick fix available.

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