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The importance of having a website in a strong mortgage market

February 1st, 2021

Yes, your mortgage business really does need a website, especially right now!

Mortgage brokers tell us all the time that they don’t need a website. They scoff at the idea of investing in a professional website simply because their lead generation is powered by word of mouth and referrals.

It’s certainly true that referrals and building a strong reputation in the right areas can lead to lots of business. But it shouldn’t be an either-or conundrum. You can generate leads both offline and online to create a secure company with potential growth.

Combined with a strong mortgage market and everyday changes caused by COVID-19, no mortgage business should be without a sleek website right now.

Every mortgage broker needs a website in 2021

The events of 2020 have caused businesses and individuals to rely on online services. This appears to be the case across all industries, including the property market.

Suppose someone needs mortgage advice in the post-Covid world. They may heavily rely on finding information and agents online, especially if they have reshaped their behaviours to seek out unrelated services in this way. The older generation might not have used the computer in 2019, but now they are ordering their Tesco delivery online each week. As their online proficiency improves, they may use it for other services…such as finding a new property and a mortgage to go with it.  

In the immediate future, this is most certainly to be the case. With fewer face-to-face interactions taking place with friends, we don’t get a chance to ask about other people’s mortgage experiences in detail – and find out who gave them the best mortgage advice.

Word of mouth may not be enough to keep mortgage broker businesses fuelled with clients over the long term, which is why a company website is now essential.

Make the most of a strong mortgage market

The housing market has been a flurry of activity due to several factors in the last 12 months.

The UK Government implemented a Stamp Duty holiday to support the industry while house viewings became problematic. As this grace period comes to an end, house prices are dropping, which is generating attention.

Additionally, a new remote working boom has made professionals and families reconsider what they want from a home. Some are swapping or planning to trade the big smoke for leafy green suburbs without worrying about commuting times.

Some house market websites (yes, websites!) have provided key data that has identified an increase in searches for mortgage-related terms on Google during the first lockdown.

The mortgage market remains in a strong position, and one of the best ways to make the most of it is to have a strong web presence.

Why wouldn’t you go where your customers are?

Other reasons mortgage businesses need a website

Still not convinced? Maybe these other points will help you realise why any modern business, especially one in the financial services industry, should have its own website:

  1. Enhance your credibility with an online presence and recent reviews
  2. Provide key information about services, reduce the number of initial queries from leads, and save time!
  3. Cast your net wider than local clients with a bigger outreach
  4. Use news bulletins and articles to show off your industry knowledge and expertise
  5. Provide valuable tools that set you apart, such as calculators and live data
  6. Make it easy for leads to get in touch at any time of day or night

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