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Email marketing techniques for mortgage brokers

Email marketing techniques for mortgage brokers

November 1st, 2021

Email marketing is so 2021

Don’t believe what you hear – email marketing isn’t dead. You might be convinced into believing email marketing is outdated compared to social media marketing and other online marketing strategies, but it’s not true.

Emails are just as good as some newer forms of marketing because they are personal. They don’t just land in a personal inbox, they can use the lead’s first name to start a private conversation. All of this matters, especially for mortgage advisers. Why? Read on to discover more.

Is email marketing still useful for mortgage advisers?

A mortgage service company can benefit from email marketing more than many other types of businesses. We already know that their clients and leads don’t make decisions about mortgage services impulsively. Finances are personal, sensitive and require a lot of thought – and all of this makes email marketing effective.

Email marketing is a private and secure way to start a conversation with recipients about their finances, which is apt considering personal finances are personal matters. And because nobody commits to a mortgage service the same way they might buy an electric appliance or a new jumper, well-timed emails can provide that little encouragement to consider your services over the following days, weeks or months.

But that’s not all. Most businesses in the mortgage services industry make most of their profits from repeat clients. In fact, less than half of repeat clients typically account for as much as 50% of overall annual turnover. Email marketing is a way to tap into this and not have to rely exclusively on more expensive forms of marketing that target new leads only.

How to create effective marketing CTAs?

One area where email marketing usually falls short is in the Call to Action (CTA), i.e. when you get the lead to take action by visiting your service page or picking up the phone.

Here are three ways to avoid lacklustre CTAs:

1. Think about your images

Don’t rely on an image to get people to take action. Many people have images disabled on their emails and must click to activate them, which many people often don’t realise. Instead, stick to CTAs using effective copywriting techniques rather than visuals. You could still add images, but don’t rely on them as a CTA.

2. CTAs, not CTA

One mistake that advisers are making is not using enough CTAs within the body of their email. You don’t have to be pushy to do this because you could link to multiple service pages as well as a contact page.

3. Value is essential

A CTA is worthless if it is not surrounded by valuable content. Make sure your email CTAs are accompanied with real value that will interest your leads. This may be the latest industry news, an update from the company or a link to a blog.

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