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The latest digital marketing trends in mortgage services

The latest digital marketing trends in mortgage services

April 1st, 2021

Small changes in digital marketing could be costing you

Digital marketing has been made up of the same services for some time. From social media to landing pages to emails, it’s fairly standard stuff. That could change if virtual reality and augmented reality become widely available. But there are still some changes within digital marketing that mortgage advisers need to know about. Read on to uncover the latest digital marketing trends in your industry.

Using smartphones to make connections

The world of finance has been revolutionised by smartphones and apps. If we are not checking our bank balance with banking apps, we might be shooting off a payment from our digital wallets. Money has gone so digital that you can now own digital money – Bitcoin. And it is these changes that have fed into new marketing methods.

Leads and clients now expect you to offer a website optimised for seamless browsing from handheld devices, and the same goes for your landing pages and other marketing strategies. If it’s not available on a smartphone, it isn’t impressing the modern consumer. That’s why WEBPRO Mortgage websites are always optimised for all devices.

Video content is now expected

Did you know that there is typically more video content added to YouTube within 30 days than has ever been on some TV channels? We’ve become video consumers, which is good for companies because it means their content can be shared around the world in seconds.

Mortgage service providers are starting to realise this and provide information in video format along with their articles. We’ve seen so many brokers upload explainer videos lately, and you can expect to see this more over the next 12 months. Video marketing in the mortgage sector is more beneficial than most other sectors because videos make it easier to explain complex processes and services, which are typical for mortgages.

If you need help with explainer videos and other video marketing content, do not hesitate to speak with the WEBPRO Mortgage team.

Influencer marketing and finance

There was a time when influencers were only used by clothing and makeup brands to redirect their products to a targeted audience. That has changed today, and a wider variety of companies are using influencers to promote their services, including finance and mortgage businesses. If you don’t believe us, just enter some questions about eToro into YouTube. You’ll soon find people answering common questions about eToro and encouraging sign-ups.

Naturally, there are some more hurdles with what influencers can and cannot say for compliance reasons. But it can still be effective.

Not keeping up with these trends could be costing you leads and therefore money. So, what is your business going to do about it? Contact WEBPRO Mortgage today.

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