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Mobile Websites

With people's lives becoming ever busier, it is increasingly likely that your prospective customers will be mortgage hunting on the move using some form of mobile website. If your website has not been designed to provide a good user experience on mobile, regardless of the platform being used to access it, you could be missing out on valuable enquiries. All our mobile websites are developed for the your audience will, at some point, inevitably be using to try to find a suitable mortgage. These devices could include PCs, Apple MACs, Laptops, Tablets, IPads including the minis and of course the vast range of smartphones on offer.

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Responsive & Fluid Mobile Websites

The world is going Mobile. Did you know there are now more mobile phones in America than there are Americans? This incredible growth and acceptance of smartphones, and tablets means we all now expect to be able to browse the internet on the move – and that can be a challenge for any Mortgage Broker whose website was specifically designed for desktop use.

Indeed Google now penalise websites that have not been optimised for mobile use in the search results. Mobile is here and it’s here to stay.

There is no way around the fact that websites designed for desktops offer a poor user experience on mobile devices. The text is small and hard to read, the navigation is intended for point and click computer mice, not tap and swipe human fingers. A desktop experience on a mobile device is frustrating and inefficient, few mobile visitors will remain on a site unless it’s been mobile optimised – especially if a competitor’s mobile site is just a tap of the finger away.

Our mobile savvy sites, make using your website on the move a joy. And that’s important, especially when more and more people are increasingly doing business and making decisions away from home and away from their desks.